Bluedot Festival


   Jodrell Bank Observatory, Macclesfield


   19th-22nd July 2018


   From the Fields


   John Surdevan


3x stages/vision mixer units, 2x interview units, 25x crew and a giant 77m high radio telescope could only mean one thing… Bluedot Festival. Packed with an exciting mix of musical, whimsical and scientific spectacles, Bluedot made for an astronomical amount of content to capture.


Instead of streaming each zone, this year we were briefed to capture everything in order to distribute throughout the year – and that we did! Overall, we calculated that between the three stages we filmed a total of 45 acts across the three days, generating a whopping 53 hours worth of ready to go content.


The variety of content across the festival site was huge. We were tasked with covering the Contact Stage, which housed the weekend’s comedy offerings and the Mission Control Stage, which hosted talks by scientists and space enthusiasts from all disciplines. The Orbit Stage also came under our brief, which hosted musical acts of almost every genre, focusing mainly on showcasing the DJs Bluedot had to offer.


(Image of Stages/Acts HERE)


With two of these stages running until 2am, our crew demonstrated that stamina was definitely the order of the weekend. Long days however, played straight into the hands of the Jackinabox, which provided enough storage to contain all of the weekend’s footage without the need for any DITing. This ensured that the entire operation ran a lot smoother with less pressure on overnight copying and more energy spent on filming the amazing acts we were there to showcase.


Our content is now being showcased on Bluedot’s new digital platform which gives users access to videos of acts from across the weekend. You can check out this cosmic content and see what Bluedot is all about right here:

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