Show An Experience with Robert De Niro
Venue New Dock Hall, Leeds

ICC Birmingham

Date 26-27/11/18
Client Lightspeed Film Co/An Experience with
Director John Surdevan


It’s not every day you get the opportunity to film a legendary, Academy Award-winning actor as iconic as Robert De Niro…twice.


Spread over two days, in both Leeds and Birmingham, we supplied an IMAG package for Lightspeed Film Co as requested by the company’s director and our good friend Ben Herbert. Whilst managing our IMAG team Ben also coordinated a skilled promo team who were covering the whole event, picking up the atmospheric shots that would complement our footage in the final edit. With Ben at the helm the job was well-organised and ran smoothly, creating some excellent content for the client.


The live cut for IMAG looked great on the night thanks to the powerful in-house laser projectors at the Birmingham ICC and the New Dock Hall in Leeds that made our cameras look crisp and sharp on the big screens. The dramatic, film-like stage lighting created the perfect ambience for capturing sleek shots both wide and up close that provided a highly contrasted, cinematic look, especially on De Niro himself.


The live auction also brought some interesting content with exclusive, signed De Niro merchandise being sold off to the highest bidder. Similar to the Q&A portion of the evening, we captured audience reactions effectively whilst also ensuring that everything on the stage received consistent, high-quality coverage. With Ben’s promo team also capturing audience responses, there was no danger of missing a single reaction, emotion or second of enjoyment in the room that made the event’s atmosphere so unique.


Not only was this job a great experience on the grounds of filming an icon but it was also hugely enjoyable thanks to the skillful organisation of the whole operation. Ben at Lightspeed was a pleasure to work with and made ‘An Experience with Robert De Niro’ certainly an experience to remember.


To see Ben’s highlight video follow the link below:


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