Pelicase Slow-mo


NQ Studio, Manchester






John Surdevan


Carrying a bath up three flights of stairs for a shoot… all in a day’s work for the Jackinabox crew! On this shoot we filmed a series of slow-mo promo clips for Pelicase involving a tonne of tools, plenty of powder paint and of course, the aforementioned bath.


We filmed three shots; the first dropping tools from a height onto a large orange Pelicase, the next dropping a smaller case into a bath of black paint and the final one pelting a dangling case with luminous powder paint. Sounds like a messy way to stress-test a product but it worked out incredibly well. See for yourself below!


Due to the slow-mo nature of every shot, we called on our friend Chris at Drop City to provide 2x M8s and 1x M18 lights. Knowing that we’d need to shoot at such a high shutter speed to capture the intricate details of the shot and minimise motion blur, John requested powerful HMI lights that would facilitate this whilst avoiding the 50Hz flicker. They worked perfectly but they didn’t half heat up the studio!


On this occasion, the Jackinabox kit provided playback for the slow-mo clips, allowing both the director and the client to check each take individually and apply additional effects instantly. This way we could verify approvals and move onto the next scene without having to needlessly overshoot, giving us more time to focus on the more complicated scenes.

This had to be our messiest shoot to date but also one of the most fun. Gareth and Bronya from Pelicase were great to work with and definitely weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, both metaphorically and physically!


The shoot was a huge success but unfortunately the cleaning up wasn’t so fun… I think we’re still finding powder paint in the studio to this day!

Shot at NQ Photography Studio, Manchester 


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